County commission votes to provoide optional, four-day work week to community corrections

By Chris Swick
December 22, 2015

Intensive Supervision Officers with McPherson County Community Corrections now have an option as to how they structure their work week following action Monday by the McPherson County Commission.

Janet Cagle, Harvey/McPherson County Community Corrections Director, said the three probation officers in the McPherson County office would now be able to choose to work four, 10-hour days as opposed to the current, five-day work week.

“It is optional, of course,” Cagle said. “If they chose to do that, one would maybe take a Monday, one a Friday, one a Wednesday. I had heard from the actual supervisor she wouldn't care to take four 10s. She would prefer to take a four-hour afternoon.”

Cagle said the idea came from her Reno County counterpart after she inquired after employee incentives if they don't do monetary incentives throughout the year.

“He said the biggest incentive that he's got for his employees is the four 10s,” Cagle said. “Of course, they're a bigger agency. They run probably 350 adult probationers, whereas we're right at 190.”

The county commission approved the optional change in the work week unanimously.