The Traffic Stop: Yield to emergency vehicles

By MPD Executive Officer Mo Hawkinson
December 24, 2015

(STO #61 & KSA 8-1530; find the exact wording

Bottom Line: yield to any approaching emergency vehicle with sirens and/or flashing lights in operation.

Move to the right of the roadway and out of any intersection. (We are trained to pass vehicles on the left to minimize risk to other drivers, as they move to the right.)

Stop and stay on the right side of the roadway until the emergency vehicle has passed. Sometimes, every lane is occupied and you cannot move safely out of our way. Please slow down your vehicle and or stop to allow us to navigate around you.

This is a safety issue. We may one day be responding to an emergency for you or your family member to render aid. Please drive with your radio and devices at a volume which would allow you to hear our approach and check your mirrors frequently. Also, be conscious of diminished hearing capacity and attention deficits and know when you should not drive.

In McPherson, failure to yield as described is a moving violation punishable by a $180 fine and $75 court cost.

For a great example of the need to #MoveOver check out the dash cam video from a Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper in Trego County here:

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