McPherson City Commission questions Mohawk I-135 interchange pricetag

By Chris Swick
December 29, 2015
Kansas Department of Transportation

McPherson City Commissioners discussed the soon-to-come Mohawk Interchange for Interstate 135 during a study session Monday.

More specifically, the commission looked at the city's share in the cost of the project, which was set in 2014 as a split share with the county to pay for not only Mohawk Road, but also the wings that go out to both 16th and 17th Avenues.

“We agreed at that time we'd pay 35 percent [of the project cost] up to $700,000,” McPherson City Administrator Nick Gregory said.

Recent numbers provided to the City by McPherson County show that the project is estimated to cost $2.1 million, which would put the City's share of 35 percent at $735,000.

McPherson Mayor Tom Brown questioned whether that cost also included the County's internal costs with the project, such as payroll, though, due to the holidays, Gregory was unable to get an answer in time for the meeting Monday from County Administrator Rick Witte. Brown said the City isn't opposed to making a payment, even if a small one, with the note that they are open to discussion as to how to deal with the extra $35,000.

“I don't know if that has any more force with them, as [the McPherson County Commission], to look at it and say, we've got id="mce_marker"00,000 and they want a resolution on this,” Brown said.

Brown did state that the city won't pay more than the agreed upon $700 thousand. No action was decided pending the outcome of the questions to the County.

The Kansas Department of Transportation awarded the bid for the project to Ebert Construction Co. Inc. and Subsidary, of Wamego, in November.

The start of the project is said to be "on the horizon," according to the KDOT Facebook page, though no firm date has been announced.