County commission mulls expanded motorcycle race schedule

By Chris Swick
January 05, 2016

Marquette could see an expanded motorcycle race schedule in 2016.

Richard Rawson appeared before the McPherson County Commission to seek their approval to increase the schedule of races for the track six miles south of Marquette from one to four races on the third Sunday in April, May, July and August.

“The third Sunday we picked out because of the [Thunder on the Smoky] rally in May,” Rawson said. “That's the third Saturday in May. And then in April, July and August, we'll have a biker breakfast that Sunday morning in Marquette and we'll tie that all in together.”

Rawson said they will skip June due to the wheat harvest.

One aspect of the races is that money raised is all given away, with the race in May to benefit the Kansas Motorcycle Museum in Marquette.

“We'll designate an organization or a family to benefit for the other three,” Rawson said. “This is what this is all about. Having fun, getting together and promoting the City of Marquette and the motorcycle museum.”

The commission didn't give their outright approval, though they weren't against the expanded schedule. Instead, they asked Rawson to speak with John Verssue, McPherson County Planning and Zoning Director, about getting the necessary, permanent permits so that Rawson doesn't have to come back to the board on a yearly basis.