Sales, use tax numbers up in 2015 for McPherson

By Chris Swick
January 05, 2016

Sales and use tax numbers are in for the city of McPherson for 2015, and they are up slightly from a year ago.

Mark Moffitt, City Treasurer and Finance Director, presented the numbers to the city commission Monday and said the city brought in nearly $5.6 million in sales and use taxes last year.

“In comparing 2015 collections, during the calendar year compared to the previous year, 2015 was up 5.06 percent,” Moffitt said. “That's down a little bit from where we were a year ago.”

In 2014, the city saw an increase of 8.01 percent. Commissioner Larry Weins felt the numbers are encouraging for McPherson and McPherson County.

“There were obviously some issues in Reno County, and I believe in Harvey County as well,” Weins said. “I think that speaks well of our city and the way things are run.”

The two half percent sales taxes both brought in id="mce_marker".68 million to the city in 2015. The first went to streets, while the other was earmarked for reconstruction of First, Hartup and Hill Streets, as well as the McPherson Opera House.