County commission approves taxable IRBs for Mid-Kansas Coop Marquette improvements

By Chris Swick
January 05, 2016

McPherson County Commissioners voted Monday to move forward on non-tax exempt Industrial Revenue Bonds for Mid-Kansas Coop, specifically planned improvements to the elevator in Marquette.

Steve Peterson with the co-op said the improvements are much needed.

“The east elevator at that facility is about 100 years old and we quit using it about a year ago,” Peterson said. “We've had two temporary grain storage piles there on the property for over two years because we don't have enough grain storage. So we're adding grain storage. We're adding two concrete tanks like we added in Lindsborg here a few years ago on the north side of the existing west elevator.”

Peterson says the scales and the office entrance will be moved to the north, or off of the highway.

“That will get it out of that corner there in downtown,” Peterson said. “Our existing warehouses are falling down. They're old. So we're going to move the office, change the traffic flow so we can get a good traffic flow. Everything will be on the north side of that facility.”

The old warehouses would then be demolished, though Peterson did maintain the old offices and the gas pumps to the south would remain.

The resolution approving taxable bonds was passed 2-0, with commissioner Keith Becker abstaining due to his ties as a director with Mid-Kansas Coop.