Finally, MHS teams are back home

By Steve Sell
January 12, 2016

Welcome home, Bullpups.

After a month and a day, McPherson High’s basketball teams finally are back home tonight to take on arch-rival Buhler in games that could produce enough electricity to light up every home in town.

The Bullpups have played their last four games on the road, six of the seven overall. I understand while these are young kids with boundless energy, I think most would agree the recent long trips have somewhat drained both teams as they are the poster children for road warriors.

Now it’s going to seem like you can’t get enough of your favorite teams. MHS plays 10 of its final 13 games at home, with the one long trip being next month to Dodge City. The final game of the season is a light snack as it’s just the 15-minute hop to Buhler.

The last time our heroes were home was against Winfield, a team the Bullpups already have returned the favor with. This week the Bullpups complete the first round of Division III play with games here with Buhler and Rose Hill. So far the Bullpup teams have been virtually unchallenged in league play, though the games with Augusta on Friday were relatively close score-wise, though you never had the sense either team was in serious trouble. 

We’re getting closer to tournament time as next week it’s the boys with the McPherson Invitational, with the girls playing the following week in the Mid America Classic. The fields for both tournaments don’t feature a lot of mega-powers, but a lot of good teams that are more than capable.

Even though the games with Buhler are not on a Friday, it would be disappointing if a big crowd isn’t on hand tonight. MHS has traveled well this year, as many of the games it’s had as many fans as the teams they’ve played. These are fun teams to watch and the boys’ game tonight features two of the top three ranked teams in Class 4A Division I. 

Buhler has two of the better athletes in the state in Jessica Steffen for the girls and Jace Williams for the boys and it will be the last time both ever set foot on the hallowed Roundhouse floor. I’m sure McPherson fans will be sporting in their admiration for both players, who despite playing for the opposition have brought us a lot of thrills and deserve our admiration.