McPherson building permit numbers in for 2015

By Chris Swick
January 14, 2016

Building numbers are in for 2015 and McPherson City Lead Building Inspector Bill Athey says new home starts were up three percent last year.

“This continues to be above all of the national and regional averages,” Athey said. “All residential permits is up six percent, which excludes roofing. All commercial is up six percent, all permits are down 21 percent. Construction costs are down 25 percent and costs per permit are down five percent.”

According to Athey, the drop in construction costs was due to a $9.3 million dollar gap between 2014 and 2015.

“Howeve 2016 is looking to be off to a good start with the projects already submitted to be discussed,” Athey said.

The City of McPherson issued 932 total permits in 2015, down from 1,185 in 2014. That differential is explained due to the 55 percent drop in roofing permits from last year.