City to outsource dead, hanging limb clean up at city parks

By Chris Swick
January 14, 2016

Dealing with some lingering damage to trees in McPherson parks following the ice storm late last year is going to require outsourcing.

That is the assessment of city Public Lands and Facilities Director Wayne Burns, who detailed the problem areas for McPherson City Commissioners during a study session Monday.

“We had a lot of damage to some of our trees throughout the entire city,” Burns said. “But Lakeside, Oak Park, Oak Grove and Wall [Parks] have a lot of damaged trees.”

Burns asked permission to sub-contract out to Ryan Tree Service of Wichita and Kansas City to handle the work, which he noted was beyond the skill and equipment level of his employees.

“I think they can knock a quite a bit of the hangers and the dead [limbs] out of the trees in those areas that are high-traffic areas to make a difference and to be safe,” Burns said. “That's one of our main concerns, with all of the traffic with the disc golf players and then the walking traffic with all the hangers in the trees.”

The cost for the work is $2,500 a day, with a three-day minimum. The commission gave Burns their consent to pursue a contract, which will be brought up at a future commission meeting.