BPU urges checking of water pipes during cold snaps

By Chris Swick
January 14, 2016

With a cold, winter blast expected over the weekend, the McPherson Board of Public Utilities is reminding customers to guard against frozen pipes.

According to BPU General Manager Tim Maier, the utility responded to a incident of frozen pipes in a trailer park just this past weekend.

“We encourage people to check their heat tank, if that's what they have, or run a little bit of water,” Maier said. “To try to make sure things don't freeze up when it gets that cold.”

Maier also warned to make sure customers get any leaks taken care of during these months when meters aren't being actively read.

“Whether you have a leaky toilet, a drippy faucet, whatever,” Maier said, “you really don't get an indicator how big the issue is until March when we read the water meters. We want to make sure people get the leaks fixed as quickly as possible so they don't have an extremely large water bill come March.”

Maier says that the BPU has seen some water bills flare up in excess of $1,000 after the first meter reading of the year due to leaks that hadn't been fixed during the winter months.