Great weekend for youth wrestlers

By Steve Sell
January 18, 2016

It was a highly successful weekend for the MAC Wrestling Club, which had more placers at Manhattan (Saturday) and Newton (Sunday) than they’ve had all season.


1st  — Dan Kuder, 6-and-under, 46E; Hudson Krehbiel, 6-and-under, 58E.

2nd — Treyton Pelnar, 10-and-under, 64A; Tucker Pelnar, 10-and-under, 73A; Ryder Norstrom, 10-and-under, 95B; Lorenzo Cruzen, 12-and-under, 80A; Collin Pearson, 12-and-under, 84A.

3rd — Jase Fitzmorris, 8-and-under, 80A.

4th — Maxim Crane, 6-and-under, 46D; Elijah Clarke, 10-and-under, 100A.

Also competing were Keaton Crane, Koty Lackey and Landon Thompson.


1st — Noah Garcia, 6-and-under, 46A; Jaxon Chrislip, 6-and-under, 52A; Julian Glover, 8-and-under, 61A; Hayden Farley, 10-and-under, 76.

2nd — Emmanuel Prieto, 8-and-under, 55; Jorge Prieto, 10-and-under, 70; Eli Farley, 10-and-under, 73; Madison Skytte, 12-and-under, 150.

3rd — Kynisian Girard, 6-and-under, 43A; Maxim Crane, 6-and-under, 43B; Colt Harlin, 6-and-under, 61.

4th — Maddox Thul, 6-and-under, 40A; Jake Evans, 6-and-under, 40B; Aiden Smith, 8-and-under, 61B; Jordyn Hancock, 10-and-under, 79.

5th — Daniel Bowen, 8-and-under, 58; Wyatt Corcoran, 8-and-under, 70.

The team competes again on Saturday and Sunday at Hutchinson.