McPherson fire department releases 2015 numbers

By Chris Swick
January 19, 2016

The McPherson Fire Department made 937 runs in 2015, with a loss stop value of $3.7 million dollars, which fire chief Jeff Deal says is a very positive number.

“I will caution you, though, as we've had conversation in the past, as the products of fire changes, the tactics that we have to deploy as well are going to have to change,” Deal said. “We're having serious conversation in our department at this point as far as deploying tactics as to do we save property or do we save lives and I'm going to tell you right now our focus is going to be on saving lives.”

McPherson City Commissioners discussed the end of the year report with Deal during Monday's meeting, including a focus on hazardous material calls involving the various industries in McPherson. Deal says the department and the industries have a great working relationship.

“Industry contributes quite nicely to the fire department over the course of the year,” Deal said. “Not necessarily in dollar form but in equipment and in training. I would just roughly estimate tens of thousand of dollars that we were actually invited to vis-a-vis industry in training every year. Money that I don't have to support.”

Deal says the working relationship between the fire department and the county's industries is probably one of the best he's ever seen.