State lawmakers already putting forward new bills

By Chris Swick
January 19, 2016

State legislators wasted no time last week in getting started last week.

“New bill introductions in the House already number more than 30 as members put forward legislative reforms and policy proposals for their colleagues to review,” Rep. Les Mason, 73rd District, said.

Mason added he felt two events really stood out to him over the course of the first week of the legislative session, the first being Governor Sam Brownback's State of the State address.

“The speech, while delivered in normal Brownback fashion, didn't have just a whole lot of new policy directions,” Mason said. “Most of the time, it seemed, was just spent in review.”

The other main event to happen last week, Mason says, was the release of the preliminary efficiency study.

You can hear more from Mason during his legislative update today after the noon and 5 p.m. news blocks.