McPherson Dog Park name, rules discussed

By Chris Swick
January 20, 2016
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Discussions were had as to the name of the dog park that will be located to the south of Avenue A once completed.

Traci Parrish with the McPherson Dog Park Association says they received an anonymous donation that requested the park be named in honor of the Bremyer family.

“We did discuss it with Jill Bremyer and she discussed it with her family,” Parrish said. “If the name were to be changed, they like the Bremyer Family [Dog Park], if it's OK with the city.”

McPherson Mayor Tom Brown was hesitant to re-christen the park as the Bremyer Family Dog Park, though he would be OK with Bremyer Dog Park or the John Bremyer Dog Park.

“That was the intent of the donor,” Brown said. “It was a gift as part of a memorial at [John Bremyer's] passing. Either way, I'm not sure to have family on there...well, it's a pretty broad statement. I'm just going by precedent of other things that we've done. Udie Grant sports field, we could have said the Grant Family that he represented.”

Brown also requested that the signage for the park in some way acknowledge that this is a city park.

“We own the land and we participated in this and we're going to have a certain amount of liability involved,” Brown said. “So we're wondering on the sign if we shouldn't have the City of McPherson on the bottom. It doesn't have to be really big print, but some way we've got to acknowledge that this a city park, even if it's name would be similar to what we've done in other parks that carry a name.”

A draft copy of the rules for the park was also presented, which Brown requested be forwarded to city attorney Jeff Houston for his review.

A firm open date for the park was not announced.