Be a part of our Super Bowl coverage on Wednesday at KBBE

By Steve Sell
February 02, 2016

We’re going to have some fun Wednesday here at the 96.7 KBBE studio, but we need your help.

Sports Director Chris Swick and myself will be on the air at 5:30 p.m. with a 30-minute preview of Sunday’s Super Bowl.

We are having to do this Wednesday due to basketball coverage Thursday, Friday and Saturday.

Chris and I will use the first part of the show to break down the big game between Denver (which has a lot of following in this area) and Carolina. Chris will serve as host and I will try to provide analysis.

We will then give our predictions, then open up the phone lines. We want our listeners to be involved as you can give your prediction and why you think that team is going to win.

This is a special Super Bowl because the game reaches its half-century birthday. That also dates me because I have watched every single Super Bowl, starting with Super Bowl I that matched the Green Bay Packers and Kansas City Chiefs.

I can remember that game like yesterday and watching it on our 19-inch TV. There was hardly the hype of today’s glitzy event and there were even many empty seats at the LA Coliseum. Tickets were something like id="mce_marker"5 and the game program was id="mce_marker". It was more curiosity than anything else and at the time there was wonderment if this experiment would last more than a year or two.

Of course, there was much bitterness between the NFL and upstart AFL as they had bidding wars on players. The NFL was the old guard and this game was supposed to prove its superiority over the new hotshot upstart.

The AFL was like an old western, as shootouts were commonplace. It was wide-open, unlike the stuffy NFL with Vince Lombardi’s Packers running the famed power sweep and teams were Ronald Reagan-like conservative.

I kept thinking the Chiefs looked so good that year and that they actually had a chance with Lenny Dawson at quarterback and a great defense, led by Buck Buchanan. They hung tough early with the Packers, but in the end Green Bay dominated for a 35-10 victory.

It took Super Bowl III and Joe Willie Namath’s Jets beating the Baltimore Colts to finally signal the AFL had arrived. That was followed by the Chiefs beating the Vikings and the NFL forever changed. Who’ll ever forget the cackling coach Hank Stram calling for “65 Toss Power Trap?”  Hank then said “it might pop wide open.” He was miked for that Super Bowl and you can go online and google it. It still brings a smile to my face as Mike Garrett scored on the play as the Chiefs wound up running away from the Vikings.

I’m really hoping our listeners will join in on Wednesday. I want to see if our fandom picks the team I do on Sunday or goes with the other.