City of McPherson moves towards online forms

By Chris Swick
February 03, 2016

The City of McPherson took steps Monday to start putting some forms online to coincide with the launch of the redesigned city website.

Deputy City Clerk Bo Moddelmog says Seamless Gov specializes in putting forms up on the web.

“So all of our documents, all of our building permits, city event planning form, we can all send these to Seamless Gov a fillable PDF format and they can put it up online,” Moddelmog said. “[Citizens] can fill it out online and they can also pay for it through this company.”

Moddelmog added McPherson County recently shifted to Seamless Gov six months ago.

“They're very pleased with them,” Moddelmog said. “Right now they're using them for their employment applications. They're going to use them for their planning and zoning for all their permitting process to allow them to pay online, do all that.”

The McPherson City Commission approved a three-year agreement with Seamless Gov at a cost of $4,250 a year.