Roosevelt fourth graders recognized with state honor

By Chris Swick
February 09, 2016

Roosevelt Elementary School was surprised Monday with a distinguished honor from the Kansas Department of Education.

It was announced through USD 418 yesterday that last year's fourth grade class received a KDE Challenge Award in reading after taking the state assessment tests. Superintendent Mark Crawford said the award highlights how much more prepared Kansas' students are thanks to the College and Career Ready standards.

“The College and Career Ready Standards that we have in place in Kansas are much, much different from the old state standards,” Crawford said. “The old state standards were measured with a criterion reference test that, in many ways, you could teach to the test and it was advantageous to teach to the test. The new standards are higher, they're clearer and they're fewer.”

Those standards should lead to success for McPherson students when it does come test time.

“If our students are involved in rigorous standards, then they're most likely going to do very well in whatever we put in front of them,” Crawford said.

The Challenge award recognizes schools for outstanding achievement and uncommon accomplishments based on Kansas assessment results, among other criteria.