Construction Advisory Board of Trades, Appeals creataed by McPherson City Commission

By Chris Swick
February 15, 2016

Contractors operating within the City of McPherson have a new oversight board after the McPherson City Commission approved the formation of the Construction Advisory Board of Trades and Board of Appeals.

Lead Building Inspector Bill Athey called it the culmination of a year of hard work.

“[We] started on this March of 2015 along with contractor licensing and, with the help of a lot of people, we finally got where we are,” Athey said. “Including [City Administrator] Nick [Gregory] and [City Attorney] Jeff [Houston], here, and also [McPherson Area Contractors Association] and other contractors have had a lot of input. Very pleased with how we've come out on this.”

The new board will be comprised of seven individuals; a residential contractor, a commercial contractor, a master electrician, a master plumber, a master mechanical, and the current president of the McPherso Board of Realtors or a designee.

“It will also include a member at-large and then one building official and a representative of the fire department will be ex-officio members,” Athey said.

Members will be nominated for three year terms, with the exception of the realty representative, which will be a one year term. Nominees will be brought before the commission for approval by the Streets and Utilities Commission, which is currently Larry Weins.

Athey hopes to have candidates line up for approval by the end of March.