City commission approves bond refund and improvements for Mac College

By Chris Swick
February 15, 2016

McPherson City Commissioners paved the way for McPherson College to make some improvements following a public hearing Monday morning.

Joe Norton, representing Gilmore and Bell, the City of McPherson's bond counsel, said the college was seeking an Educational Facilities Refunding and Improvement Revenue Bond of id="mce_marker"1.5 million dollars to accomplish two goals.

“One to refund the approximately $3 million bonds outstanding from the [2009] issue,” Norton said. “And provide for new capital improvements of approximately $8.5 million.”

McPherson College President Michael Schneider says most of the improvement projects are energy savings improvements to existing buildings.

“Heating and cooling and things like that,” Schneider said. “About $7.5 million are infrastructure projects that will reduce our energy savings over the next couple of decades. And then there's about a id="mce_marker" million for campus safety projects.”

Those safety projects include items such as improved lighting on campus and keyless entry. Schneider said, with the ordinance passing the city commission Monday, the planned improvements should be undertaken over the course of the next 12 months.

No members of the public spoke out either for or against the bond.