Avenue A project slated to restart by end of month

By Chris Swick
February 17, 2016

Work is getting ready to start up on the second half of the Avenue A Reconstruction Project.

McPherson City Public Works Director Jeff Woodward says the contractor is wanting to get back to work by the end of the month.

“[The work is planned to take] six to eight weeks,” Woodward said. “Of course, any weather delays will make that worse. But there's no storm sewer on this phase two, so that will make it go a little quicker.”

Woodward says a firm start date has not yet been set and that the City will announce it as soon as the contractor is ready.

Woodward says, when work does get underway, the three houses effected on the north side of Avenue by this half of the project will have to park in the parallel parking off of Park Street for the duration.

“And then there will be the other two houses on the south that will have to go over and access Wastewater Treatment Plant Road,” Woodward said.

Those two house will be able to get to Wastewater Treatment Plant Road by usage of the Church of Christ's parking lot at 700 East Avenue A.