City of McPherson considering joining KDWPT fishery program

By Chris Swick
February 17, 2016

McPherson may soon become a member of a program from the Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism designed to help maintain fisheries.

Wayne Burns, McPherson City Public Lands and Facilities Director, presented the Community Fisheries Assistance Program to city commissioners Monday.

“They partner with local municipalities to manage the fishery's resources,” Burns said. “They remove the additional fees to fish and improve the quality of the amenities.”

Burns says there are two programs offered through CFAP, one of which is designed more for communities that charge to fish in local ponds or lakes.

“We don't have to worry about that,” Burns said. “The program that we want is the grant program where they will come in and pay us id="mce_marker",030 a year. Seventy-five percent of that id="mce_marker",030 has to be applied towards maintaining the fisheries, which is our waterways. Which we do on a regular basis, anyway, with the mowing and picking up trash. That's all included.”

Participating in the program would make the city then eligible for up to $40,000 annually in grants for new facilities and amenities for anglers. No action was taken by the commission, as the item was presented for informational purposes, only.