Farrell pleads no contest in Croft murder

By Chris Swick
February 19, 2016

The third defendant in the James Croft murder case was found guilty of reduced charges Friday morning as part of a plea agreement reached with state prosecutors.

Kamra Kay Farrell, 28, entered pleas of No Contest to a total of five charges. The Croft case included felony voluntary manslaughter, kidnapping and attempted aggravated robbery.

The plea also included prior felony cases for attempted trafficking of contraband into a correctional facility and felon in possession of a firearm.

Farrell will be sentenced on April 15.

The plea was announced by Kansas Assistant Attorney General Steven Carr, who said that, as a result of providing testimony against fellow defendant Samuel Darrah, who had his preliminary hearing on Wednesday, she won't face first degree murder charges in the November 2014 death of Croft.

Per the hearing, Farrell, Darrah and Clinton Bascue provided $3,200 from Dan Kelly, of Wichita, to Croft with the expectation that they would then receive methamphetamine. When that did not happen, Farrell testified that Darrah offered to kill Croft for Kelly, who declined, stating dead men do not repay debts.

Later in November 2014, Farrell, Bascue and Darrah then came up with a plan in which Farrell would drive Croft out into rural McPherson County, at which time Bascue and Darrah would rob him for the drug money.

Croft panicked as Farrell drove him towards where Darrah and Bascue lay in wait, and got into a physical confrontation with Farrell, striking her. Darrah then fired a handgun at the vehicle, while Bascue entered and stabbed Croft several times before Croft was able to speed away in the vehicle.

Darrah then told Farrell to report the car stolen to 911 and state that someone had been injured in the process.

An investigation by law enforcement found the handgun and the knife in a nearby field.