Great day for MAC Wrestling Club

By Steve Sell
February 22, 2016

CANTON — The MAC Wrestling Club Invitational was conducted Saturday at Canton-Galva High School and the host team had a huge day, including many champions.

Treyton Pelnar actually won two titles as he wrestled 10-and-under, 61 and later came back and went up a division to take first at 12-and-under, 64.

Coach Lance Engel thanked Canton-Galva High School for hosting the event in the Eagles' new arena.


1st — Noah Garcia, 6-and-under, 46; Hudson Krehbiel, 6-and-under, 58; Treyton Pelnar, 10-and-under, 61; Tucker Pelnar, 10-and-under, 70; Hayden Farley, 10-and-under, 76; Landon Thompson, 10-and-under, 95; Elijah Clarke, 10-and-under, 100; Treyton Pelnar, 12-and-under, 64; Collin Pearson, 12-and-under, 84.

2nd — Dan Kuder, 6-and-under, 46; Jaxon Chrislip, 8-and-under, 52; Asher Allen, 8-and-under, 58; Jase Fitzmorris, 8-and-under, 76; Christian Mattox, 10-and-under, 76; Ryder Norstrom, 10-and-under, 95.

3rd — Jake Evans, 6-and-under, 40; Julian Glover, 8-and-under, 64; Conner Roff, 10-and-under, 58; Ethan Linscheid, 10-and-under, 61; Jordyn Hancock, 10-and-under, 79; Madison Skytte, 12-and-under, 155.

4th — Kynasen Girard, 6-and-under, 43; Emmanuel Prieto, 8-and-under, 55; Koty Lackey, 8-and-under, 58; Isaac Ramsey, 8-and-under, 88; Taryn Norstrom, 14-and-under, 140.

5th — Keaton Crane, 8-and-under, 55; Jorge Prieto, 10-and-under, 67; Lorenzo Cruzen, 12-and-under, 80.

Also competing were Maddox Thul, Maxim Crane, Colt Harlin and Eli Farley.

The 6-and-under state championships are scheduled for Sunday in Salina. Also on Sunday, McPherson will be hosting the annual War of the Roses Girls State Championships at Alexander Arena on the campus of Central Christian College.