Planning commission to review sub-division regulations

By Chris Swick
February 24, 2016

The McPherson Planning Commission will be taking a look at the sub-division regulations for the city in the coming months, as directed by the McPherson City Commission Monday.

According to city administrator Nick Gregory, it has been since 2011 that the regulations were reviewed. That means a number of issues have come come up between the old sub-division codes and the new building codes adopted by the city in recent years.

“The one that really sticks out is the cul-de-sac issue that we had earlier where the two conflict with what the building code states,” Gregory said. “We definitely want to try to clean that up this year.”

The commission also approved the 2016 Comprehensive Development Plan Monday without sending it back to the planning board for review, as the most recent development plan was adopted in December.

“Every year they review this and make a determination whether [a review] is necessary,” Gregory said.

Both the Comprehensive Development Plan and the mandate to review the sub-division regulations were passed unanimously.