Parking 'atrocious' at City Limits

By Chris Swick
February 24, 2016

McPherson City officials discussed fixing the parking and sidewalk in front of City Limits on North Maple during a study session Monday.

Public Works Director Jeff Woodward called the state of the pavement 'atrocious' and told commissioners they had received a quote to fill that parking area in with concrete for a cost of materials at $4,011.89, with sidewalk work an additional $939.

Woodward also offered the option of putting down screen millings, such as what had been done in the parking on the opposite side of the street along Jantz Lumber, though he noted there may be some issues with that due to the increased parking in front of the bar.

“It may require additional maintenance as time goes on,” Woodward said. “But they pack in there pretty tight.”

The City Limits building, itself, is up for sale, which means Woodward doubts the current owners would be open to helping out with the costs for improvements, should the city move forward on the project.