City approves sidewalk, parking closures for construction at old Cox building

By Chris Swick
February 25, 2016

Renovations to the former Cox Communications building on North Main in McPherson will cause some parking limitations over the coming weeks.

Ashley Jones, representing Ashcraft Construction, told McPherson City Commissioners this week they plan on beginning demolition work on the metal facade of building on March 7.

“In doing so, I feel it is in the best interests of the safety of downtown to close the sidewalks, as well as the parking, as we take the sheet metal off,” Jones said. “And then, as we continue the construction on the front, I'd still like to keep things closed during the construction hours because we've got a boom lift and the overhead, different tools and different things of height.”

Jones stressed the sidewalk wouldn't be closed permanently and, in fact, would be reopened at the end of the work day, should the commission approve his request.

“Particularly because the movie theater is going to need extra parking and pedestrian traffic during the evening hours,” Jones said. “It would just be between actual work hours.”

Jones estimated it will take two days to remove the metal front of the building, with any work done after that to be determined once they are able to assess the state of the building beneath the metal.

The commission approved the request to periodically close the sidewalk and parking unanimously.