McPherson city officials offer support to Hesston

By Chris Swick
February 29, 2016

McPherson City officials offered their support to Hesston this morning during the McPherson City Commission meeting, the first since the tragic events of Thursday that saw four people killed at Excel Industries.

McPherson Mayor Tom Brown called upon citizens to make more of an effort to overcome evil with good.

“It's not religious one way or another,” Brown said. “At some point, we have to mount up, individuals, citizen by citizen, and say enough is enough. We have to change the environment that we live in.”

McPherson fire chief Jeff Deal said he was honored to spend two days in Hesston over the weekend.

“An amazing, emotional situation down there,” Deal said. “But [they are a] very resilient and brave and strong people. That community will survive.”

Brown added there is a lot of sorrow that comes with a tragedy such as this, but also a chance to hope, as well.

“We have relations within our own community of people related to people that worked there,” Brown said. “Even one of the guys that was shot four times. [I] Prayed for him and his parents and was grateful to get the news that he came through surgery that night in really good shape.”

The city commission voted to send a letter of support to their counterparts in Hesston.

Josh Higbee, 31, Brian Sadowsky, 44, and Renee Benjamin, 30, were killed when Cedric Ford, 38, Newton, opened fire at Excel Industries in Hesston Thursday evening just after 5 pm.

KWCH TV is reporting that memorial services for Benjamin will be held Thursday at noon in Wichita, with Sadowsky's to be held Friday afternoon in Newton. Higbee will have a private, family service.