McPherson city commissioners approve Central Plastics tax abatement

By Chris Swick
March 01, 2016

McPherson city commissioners Monday approved a economic development tax abatement for Central Plastics in McPherson as they plan out a significant expansion.

“The project itself is going to be a large expansion of the southwest side of the property,” Eric Houghton, Central Plastics Executive Assistant, said.

The expansion will allow Central Plastics more room to store both raw materials and finished goods, as well as reconfigure the internal space to allow for a greater production area.

“In addition to the simple production of custom extrusions,” Houghton said, “it will also allow for an expansion later on of our internal tool and dye shop which makes the tooling that allows us to extrude these finished products of custom extrusions.”

Houghton estimated that the $1.2 million expansion will mean an additional five jobs to McPherson, with the possibility for more.

The commission approved the tax exemption, tax incentive agreement and a resolution of findings unanimously.

The exemption begins in 2017 and is planned to last for a 10-year period.