McPherson moves forward on CDBG grant funding

By Chris Swick
March 01, 2016

The wheels have started moving towards getting the community redevelopment project underway that will be funded by the CDBG granted awarded to the City of McPherson in January.

McPherson city administrator Nick Gregory says he attended a mandatory meeting last week along with new Community Development director Pam Cherry, where they received a copy of the grant agreement, which was brought before the commission Monday.

“This is, essentially, the details of what we must abide by to receive those funds ultimately,” Gregory said.

The commission did pass the agreement during Monday's meeting. Gregory says the next step is an environmental review, which the South Central Kansas Economic Development District, or SCKEDD, is handling on behalf of the city.

“We also expected to try to set up meetings with residents or landlords that are in that area,” Gregory said. He defined that area as Kansas south to Avenue A and then between Fisher Street west to Main Street.

The city has two years to complete the project, which will encompass 250 home in need of rehabilitation, though Gregory indicated he would like see it done in one year to help facilitate future applications for the CDBG funding.