Frazier to leave public service to serve God

By Chris Swick
March 02, 2016

McPherson County Emergency Management director Darren Frazier is leaving public service in order to serve a much higher purpose.

Frazier told KNGL/KBBE News after his letter of resignation was accepted by the McPherson County Commission Monday that he will join the pastoral staff at the First United Methodist church upon his retirement. This won't be his first time in a somewhat similar position, as Frazier had been a youth pastor at the First United Methodist Church from 2007 until 2014.

“I took a break from pastoral duties in November [2014] working toward this retirement date,” Frazier said. “Once I hit my points for KPERS, it just so happened we had an opening come up at the church itself for pastor.”

Frazier will begin his new duties with the Methodist church in July after his official retirement from the County on July 1. The county commission also appointed Julie McClure as Frazier's successor on Monday and he feels she will do a great job in the post.

“I've been training my replacement since I moved down here,” Frazier said. “Julie is the obvious choice for that. She knows the people, she knows the job itself. This is the third Emergency Manager that she's worked with. She's going to do fine, current staff's going to be good.”

As his time with McPherson County begins winding down, Frazier can't help but turn reflective. He has been serving county citizens in some capacity for over 30 years, whether through law enforcement up to his current post as Emergency Management director.

“Helping people has always been my desire,” Frazier said. “With all the roles, from the sheriff's department to where I'm currently's a big job, but it's rewarding in the fact that you're making a difference in someone's life.”