Kansas House passes resolution decrying use of Fort Leavenworth for Guanatanamo prisoners

By Chris Swick
March 08, 2016

As President Obama continues to discus options for detainees in Guantanamo Bay, the Kansas House of Representatives has looked at a resolution asking they be kept out of Kansas.

The Obama Administration recently sent a Pentagon team to Fort Leavenworth to evaluate the potential for the Army post to host Guantanamo prisoners.

“In response, the Kansas House of Representatives debated HCR 5024 Thursday,” Representative Les Mason, McPherson, said, “urging the President to obey U.S. law and abandon the transfer of terrorist detainees to Fort Leavenworth.”

According to Mason, transferring prisoners to Leavenworth is a safety risk, as the facility is ill-equipped to handle the influx of prisoners.

“And the areas surrounding Fort Leavenworth would also be unprepared an emergency response to keep citizens safe, should a situation arise,” Mason said.

The resolution did pass the House Monday with a vote of 104-16. Mason said he hopes it will convince President Obama to keep the detainees in Cuba.