Ash parking lot project more expensive than origianlly thought

By Chris Swick
March 08, 2016

The work planned for the McPherson city parking lot at Ash and Marlin is going to end up a little pricier than expected.

The City had asked APAC-Shears to break down their initial bid of $20,000 and came back with a price that was $12,000 more than had been initially quoted. According to Public Works Director Jeff Woodward, the increase was due to the initial quote being done before an inspection of the parking lot had been conducted by APAC.

“The guy that actually worked up the bid came out and looked at the parking lot,” Woodward said. “As you know, there's a lot of issues with that parking lot. A lot of patching that's going to have to be done and he said this is it.”

The price tag had been initially higher, but Woodward informed the commission there were a few items that could be trimmed off.

“We don't need to hire them to reset the parking blocks, stripe it or signs,” Woodward said. “It's the total [provided to the commission] less those three items.”

The total price tag now is just under $32,000. The commission gave their agreement to the need for the work to be completed, though no formal action was taken during the study session.