Scottish festival to take on international rebranding

By Chris Swick
March 08, 2016

Changes are coming to the McPherson Scottish Festival with this year's event.

It was announced Tuesday morning that festival organizers are re-christening the event as the McPherson Festival of Cultures in order to attract more local residents and to celebrate what has become a diverse community over the years.

“McPherson has expanded over the years as industries have attracted new ethnic groups,” Tony Fiedler, McPherson Scottish Society Vice Chair, said in a press release. “While we plan to maintain the overall Scottish flavor of the festival, it's important for us to focus on other cultures.”

The festival will still hold the traditional Scottish Highland games, as well as feature Scottish music and dancers, though organizers are searching out international attractions, as well.

“Our goal is to identify various performers, vendors and exhibitors who want to introduce others to their heritage,” Fiedler said.

Additionally, new leadership for the festival is also being sought in conjunction with the change in focus, including a chair for the McPherson Scottish Society.

“It's our intent to recruit volunteers to shadow current planners, allowing for a smooth transition,” Xan Williams, who has been involved with the festival since it was founded over 20 years ago, said.

Anyone interested in either a leadership position or providing an international component to the games should call either 620-755-3146 or 620-242-7146.

The Festival of Cultures will be held this year on Sept.24-25, still at Lakeside Park.