New housing starts slow for McPherson

By Chris Swick
March 09, 2016

New housing starts in McPherson for 2016 are off to a slow start.

According to Bill Athey, City of McPherson lead building inspector, there have been no new residential permits issued through the first two months of 2016. Dodge data analytics showed a reverse increase rather than a decrease in the region of positive three percent in single-family housing starts for 2015.

“The big change was in multi-family housing and how it was reported,” Athey said. “This is a six percent swing from what I reported last month in year-end numbers.”

New commercial permits were up three from this point in 2016 and total permits for the year are up 22 percent.

Construction costs in February were up nearly $3.4 million over last year.

“While January 2016 was off to a much slower start than anticipated,” Athey said, “February 2016 shows the anticipated construction projects for this year beginning to move with permits and subsequent construction.”

The biggest jump in permit numbers came in roofing, which saw an increase of 31 permits from 2015.