Letter to the Editor: Pyle thanks community

By Steve Sell
March 16, 2016
Cindy Kinnamon-Contributed Photo

 I just wanted to thank everyone for how thankful I am to be a Bullpup and play for McPherson High School. 

Playing in the Roundhouse is an experience you can't really describe with words. Amazing crowds, cheerleaders, Hi-Steppers, the band, and the best student section in the state of Kansas are just a few of the reasons it is so great.

 I want to thank my coaches that have influenced me along the way (my dad, Coach Brown, Coach Kinnamon, Coach Peck, Coach Lujano, Coach Kanitz, Coach Fawl, Coach Busse, and my AAU Coach Ricks). They have helped make me a better player and better person.

I want to thank teachers, fans and the community members who have given me encouragement over the years as well. And of course my family for the years of support. Also, to the media for the pictures, articles and coverage.

 Finally, I want to thank my teammates I've had over the years. We have had a great run and I will surely cherish the memories we have.

 Thank you for everything.

 Drew Pyle, No. 11