McPherson's Guest Tax to Increase

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
March 16, 2016

A new charter ordinance for the city of McPherson will allow its guest tax to increase up to 6 percent, a 1 percent increase from its current cap of 5 percent.

The McPherson City Commission on Monday approved Charter Ordinance No. 39 which will replace Charter Ordinance No. 17 and, in addition to raising the guest tax, will also provide for an increase in the number of representatives on a Convention and Tourism Committee from five to seven members. These individuals will be appointed by Mayor Tom Brown and confirmed by the City Commission and will ultimately serve for terms of two years each to provide recommendations concerning programs and expenditures for conventions and tourism.

McPherson uses its guest tax to fund the Convention and Visitors Bureau as well as other facilities and activities used to promote local tourism and industry. According to Mayor Brown, even after the 1 percent increase, McPherson's guest tax will remain lower than much of the surrounding area where rates are as high as 7 or 8 percent.