Grimes Street Repair as Temporary Fix

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
March 23, 2016

Areas of North Grimes Street are going to see some much-needed repair. Public Works Director Jeff Woodward outlined the short-term goal and costs not to exceed $27,686.25 for patching some of the worst areas of the street until the city is able to tackle a more complete repair longer-term.

“We have several areas from the 800 block to the 1100 block that need to be patched. With the Grimes Street Project delayed, repairs need to be made until the street can be rebuilt,” said Woodward.

The City Commission earlier this week approved the repairs which are intended to be temporary in nature until the city can budget for the bigger expense. As Mayor Tom Brown explained, “We cannot do a complete rebuild because of a drainage issue that's extremely expensive so we're going to do a temporary fix that will hopefully hold for a year or two.”