McPherson Home Destroyed by Fire

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
March 24, 2016

The owners of 410 Ponderosa Court in McPherson lost their home to a house fire Wednesday afternoon. The house fire coincided with a high-wind warning in McPherson and the surrounding area, a condition that certainly contributed to the challenge of containing the fire and keeping it from spreading to the neighboring houses.

“Because of the high winds, we were concerned about embers blowing and starting another structure on fire or trees on fire,” said McPherson's Fire Department's Division Chief Randall Willems. “We did have units respond over to Evergreen Court a block over to wet down houses and to take care of any embers that were floating through the air. With the high winds, it was a big concern of ours, and [the winds] definitely had a lot to do with the fire spreading on the structure we were fighting.”

Firefighters ultimately were successful in containing the fire to the one structure. Regarding the cause of the fire, Division Chief Willems said it's too soon to speculate.