Wildfire Relief Efforts Underway

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
March 31, 2016

If you'd like to help those affected by the wildfires in Kansas, both the Kansas Farm Bureau and the Kansas Department of Agriculture have launched websites for fire relief to connect those willing to donate supplies or offer labor to those impacted the most by the wildfires in Barber and Commanche counties in southern Kansas.

People can help by donating labor; supplies like fencing and building materials; as well as cash which can be accepted through donation links on the websites.

The Kansas Livestock Association also continues to coordinate hay donation efforts for victims of the fires. Although short-term needs for hay have been met, it is not yet known what the demands for hay will be longer term. Options are also being explored to make arrangements with the Kansas Department of Transportation who may be able to assist in transporting hay as future needs arise.

“While this is a challenging and heartbreaking time for farmers and ranchers, it’s been a true testament to the commitment and passion of Kansans to see how the agriculture industry has pulled together,” said Secretary of Agriculture Jackie McClaskey. “We are glad to serve the state by helping make these connections as the Kansas agriculture community moves forward.”

The Kansas Farm Bureau's fire relief website:www.kfb.org/firerelief.

The Kansas Department of Agriculture resource website: agriculture.ks.gov/news-events/kansas-wildfire-recovery-resources.