April is Fair Housing Month

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
April 04, 2016

In honor of Fair Housing Month, Mayor Tom Brown has issued a proclamation that urges all citizen to be aware of the Fair Housing Act which makes it unlawful for any person in this country to be discriminated against on the basis of race, color, or national origin when it comes to securing housing and related facilities provided with Federal Assistance, as well as lending practices, “with respect to residential property when such practices are connected with loans insured or guaranteed by the Federal government.”

During the city commission's weekly session this morning, Mayor Brown recited the entire proclamation which states, in part, that “the denial of equal housing opportunity is one of the most serious challenges a community can face. It is a challenge that must be met and surmounted lest it erode the vital social structure that holds a community together and gives it shape and dimension.

“The need for shelter is an essential human need. The right to freely choose a place to live is a basic human right and discrimination in housing is not only against the law, but contrary to our sense of what our country should mean to us and to others.”

The City of McPherson, in support of equal housing opportunity, established a contact with Fair Housing that can receive complaints regarding alleged violations of the fair housing policies and can attempt to resolve any grievances right here at the local level if at all possible.

Mayor Brown urges all citizens of McPherson to not just be aware that the Fair Housing Act exists but to be aware of ways it applies to our community and to join in resolving to fight discrimination in our personal lives as well.