Benefit Bake Sale for Tanner Wyssmann Saturday 9:00 AM

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
April 05, 2016

Northgate Manor will be holding a benefit bake sale this Saturday for the family of Tanner Wyssman, who has recently undergone a heart transplant. The Wyssman family has incurred a lot of extra expenses due to Tanner's illness and you can help out by coming by Northgate Manor at 1442 Garden Lane in McPherson this Saturday morning at 9:00 and purchasing some goodies for your family that will go toward Tanner's expenses incurred from Tanner's medical care.

Tanner Wysmann's father TJ Wyssmann serves as a Division Chief at the local McPherson Fire Department.

If you'd like to make a cash donation to the Wyssmann family, more information can be

You can also follow along their journey on the Wyssmann's family blog at