Financial Literacy Month: Enter for Chance to Win iPad

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers via Josh Ney, Kansas Securities Commissioner
April 06, 2016

Governor Sam Brownback has signed a proclamation declaring the month of April as Financial Literacy Month in Kansas. The proclamation highlights the need to ensure that Kansans are well prepared to manage money, credit, investments, and debt.

Attending the signing were members of the Money Smart Month Kansas committee, an annual community outreach initiative that promotes financial awareness for people of all ages.

As a steering committee member of Money Smart Month Kansas, the Kansas Securities Commissioner’s office urges participation at the Money Smart Month Financial Freedom Expo in Wichita, Kan., Saturday, April 16 from 9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Urban Prep Academy, 2821 East 24thStreet North, Wichita KS. More than 24 financial education workshops, free credit reports, door prizes and more will be available.

In connection with Financial Literacy Month, several state agencies, including the Kansas Securities Commissioner’s office, have collaborated to launch a new consumer financial education website, The multi-agency website provides Kansans easy access to essential financial resources from the State of Kansas.

An interactive learning course is a key feature of the site. The Kansas Financial Learning Center provides a flexible financial learning platform for busy adults, and it is free for all Kansans. The course consists of “bite-sized” educational content on topics from auto loans to identity protection to social security. Most modules within the course can be completed in 3-7 minutes. Throughout the month of April, the State Treasurer’s Office, a partner of, is providing an incentive for those who sign up to participate in the program. At the end of the month, Kansans who have completed at least 5 modules will be eligible to win an iPad. To learn more about this opportunity, visit the Treasurer’s website

Other agency partners are: the Office of the Attorney General, the Office of the State Bank Commissioner of Kansas, Kansas Department of Credit Unions, Kansas Department of Revenue, and the Kansas Insurance Department.

Kansas’ celebration of Financial Literacy Month joins a national effort of businesses, agencies and non-profit organizations to promote personal finance education through a wide variety of programming.