Drivers Urged to Exercise Caution Navigating Hwy 56

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
April 08, 2016

City officials are urging local drivers to use extra caution while navigating the construction on McPherson's US Highway 56 (Hwy 56). The areas affected extend along Kansas Ave. from Eby street near McPherson College all the way to the interstate ramp on the east side of town.

Police Chief McClarty urges drivers to pay attention and to drive at reduced speeds when doing business in the area.

“Take an alternate route if possible,” he said.

The construction project will not only replace the entire four-lane road but also restore the bridge along the route and add sidewalks with a hiking and biking trail.

The portion of construction along Centennial Drive that intersects with Hwy 56 is related to the second phase of a sewer improvement project.

The Hwy 56 construction project is expected to be complete at the end of July 2017.