Answering more of your questions

By Steve Sell
April 14, 2016

The emails, texts and notes keep piling up.

Must be time for another question-and-answer period.

Q — Since you seem to be anti-Royals because you are always spouting about your “beloved Cardinals,” what do you think of Kansas City’s 6-2 start?

SS — I’m not anti-Royals, just when they play the Cardinals. I find it amazing since the Royals have only one regular hitting above .300 and their bullpen already has blown two games, though they came back to win both. After a weekend series in dreary Oakland, the Royals return home for a huge homestand next week against Detroit and Baltimore, which has been the best team in baseball. My concern at the start of the year was starting pitching, but so far that has been the Royals’ strength.

Q — Do did you watch the NBA games last night and see history?

SS — I didn’t watch Golden State’s record-setting 73rd victory in its game with Memphis because I thought that was a forgone conclusion. After watching Kobe Bryant clank his first three shots, I couldn’t watch anymore. Imagine my surprise this morning when I found out he scored 60 points in the final game of his career. Then I saw he took 50 shots to do it and I thought, “that’s Kobe.” Still, a great player who will be missed.

Q — Have you been keeping tabs on the Chiefs? Who are they are going to draft in the first round?

SS — I really haven’t, but they did suffer a loss last week when run-stuffer Mike DeVito announced his retirement. The Chiefs have done a good job of locking up their own, though they did lose top-notch corner Sean Smith to Oakland, of all teams. With Justin Houston probably out for the year, and Tamba Hali and Derrick Johnson well beyond the average age of normal linebackers, I wouldn’t be surprised to see them pick an LB in the first round. They also could go for more secondary help. Even though defense was the strength last year, I look for them to address issues on that side of the ball first.

Q — What did you think of Trevor Story’s seven home runs in the first week of the baseball season for the Colorado Rockies?

SS — Check back with me after 81 games, the halfway point. I think it was an aberration, pitchers just had never seen him before and didn’t know his weaknesses. I’m sure the book is now out on him. He plays in Colorado’s nosebleed altitude, but seven homers in a week is a great feat even if the fences were Little League distance.

Q — Who’s going to win the NBA title?

SS — I don’t know why they even have two months of playoffs. Let’s just have Golden State play San Antonio to determine the West winner, with the winner to play probable East winner Cleveland for the title.

Q — Does Josh Jackson’s signing make KU the No. 1 college basketball team going into next season?

SS — I still think you have to like Villanova as it returns much of its team, then Duke as it basically signed a starting lineup of McDonald’s All-Americans. I think, though, with Svi announcing he was coming back, and if Cheick Diallo would follow suit, the Jayhawks would be in the Top 3.

Q — How is your golf game?

SS — Here’s what’s scary. I played about as well as I could play earlier this week at Turkey Creek and shot a 75. Maybe as I approach age 60, those even-par rounds could be a thing of the past. Golf is such a humbling game and this could be a summer where my ego takes a beating.