Continue Caution on Hwy 56

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
April 14, 2016

Local drivers are urged to continue to use extra caution on McPherson's Hwy 56 that is currently under construction under the supervision of the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDOT). The area of Hwy 56 affected extends along Kansas Ave. from Eby street near McPherson College and stretches all the way to the interstate ramp on the east side of town.

Drivers need to be aware of the reduced speed limit, which is now 35 mph along these sections instead of the 45 mph it was previously. Drivers are also encouraged to use alternative routes if at all possible.

This week is also National Work Zone Awareness Week. As part of raising awareness of the dangers workers and drivers face in work zones, KDOT has started a series of blogs where highway workers and others are sharing their stories. You can find those stories by visiting KDOT's website at