Public Invited to WWII Reunion of “ZamZam” Survivors in Lindsborg

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
April 15, 2016
Danielson and her children - Photo credit Charles W. Carr via David Ford

The public is invited to Lindsborg this weekend to attend a reunion of the survivors of a ship that was sunk in the South Atlantic during Europe’s WWII.

The German mistook the ship, called the ZamZam, for a British troop ship and sunk the vessel with 201 passengers on board, most of whom were American missionaries and their families, including 35 children.

This happened in April of 1941, several months before Pearl Harbor and the United States officially joined the Allied side of the war with the British. After sinking the ship, the Germans observed the women and children struggling to board life crafts, realized their mistake, and quickly came to the rescue.

ZamZam survivors included the mother of a missionary family from Lindsborg, Lillian Danielson, and her six young children. The Danielson siblings will all be participating in a question and answer session as part of the reunion events Saturday afternoon.

The reunion begins Saturday morning at 9:00 and concludes with a reception following the church service Sunday morning. All of the events for the ZamZam survivors reunion will take place at the Messiah Lutheran Church in Lindsborg.