Suspect Dead Following Failed Arrest Attempt in McPherson County

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
April 15, 2016

A man shot yesterday afternoon by a McPherson County Sheriff Deputy has been pronounced dead, according to a press release issued this afternoon by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI). No names have been released.

Two county deputies were attempting to serve an arrest warrant east of McPherson on Hwy 56 just west of 19th Ave., about halfway between McPherson and Galva. The man they were attempting to arrest physically resisted and attacked both deputies.

One deputy tasered the man multiple times but was unsuccessful in stopping his attack. Verbal warnings were issued before one deputy fired his weapon.

The officers provided medical care to the man shot until emergency medical responders arrived and transported the man to McPherson Memorial Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

No further information will be released until the KBI has completed their investigation and the McPherson County Attorney has had a chance to review it.

The entire incident was captured on video, which will be reviewed as part of the investigation.