The Traffic Stop: Roundabouts

By MPD Officer Mo Hawkinson
April 20, 2016

Today’s “Traffic Stop” addresses Roundabouts & includes references to THREE traffic laws:

1…Rotary Traffic Island (STO #45 & KSA 8-1521 Find the exact wording

2…Duty to Yield (STO#59 & KSA 8-1528 Find the exact wording here:

3…Required Signals (STO# 54 & KSA 8-1548 Find the exact wording here:

Loose meaning: With construction on E. Kansas Avenue traffic volume through the Roundabout on E. First Street is high. A “Roundabout Reminder” seems timely…

Traffic shall proceed in one direction to the right of the “traffic island” (Roundabout). As there are yield signs at every entrance, drivers who intend to enter shall slow, and stop when necessary, to yield the right of way to any driver already in the Roundabout roadway.

Also, as the Roundabout is a one-way continuous road, it is not necessary to use a turn indicator upon entry, but signaling is required to indicate the driver’s intention to exit.

Failure to yield & failure to properly indicate a turn are both moving violations. In McPherson, the fine for each is $60, plus $75.50 Municipal Court Cost.

On most Tuesdays, McPherson KS Police Department addresses a topic dealing with traffic enforcement in the City of McPherson. The “Traffic Stop” is organized by the Traffic Section of Patrol Bureau. We need suggestions for more topics to address! Call us if ANY question requires an immediate answer on our non-emergency line: (620)245-1200.