Congressman Huelskamp Town Hall Meeting

By Jolyn Johnston-Myers
April 25, 2016

Congressman Tim Huelskamp hosted a town hall meeting this afternoon at the Cedars in McPherson. About 35 people attended, several of whom raised concerns with the congressman regarding various issues such as corruption and incompetency within the Veterans Affairs; term limits and wage increases for congressional members; and taxes and waste within the Internal Revenue Service.

A couple of audience members working in the local trucking industry raised specific concerns about a possible future shortage of trucks, assuming the eventual recovery of the oil economy, and difficulties currently faced by truck drivers who deal with differing regulations as they traverse state lines.

McPherson’s Mayor Tom Brown raised a concern regarding water regulations in reference to the so-called “Waters of the U.S. Rule,” which he fears, if passed, will only serve as a financial hardship to regular consumers.

The main message from Congressman Huelskamp focused on federal government spending, which drew ire from one audience member who challenged the congressman to pay more attention to how much his own office was spending rather than on Washington. The congressman simply responded that his office budget is actually ten percent smaller than when he first took office.

Congressman Huelskamp represents Kansas’ First District. More information on policies he supports and the work he is doing for his constituents can be found at his website, which includes a link to sign up for his newsletter, at .

More information about the “Waters of the U.S. Rule” can be found by visiting the Environmental Protection Agency’s website at the Farm Bureau’s website