"Deflategate" needs to go away

By Steve Sell
April 26, 2016

Tuesday’s thoughts while wondering if my car will be under cover if that softball-sized hail becomes a reality...

• ENOUGH ALREADY — I don’t know about you, but “Deflategate” can hurry up and go away.

On Monday a three-judge appeals court panel overturned a ruling in the incident involving New England quarterback Tom Brady, who was accused of having some air let out of footballs to make them easier to throw. It came in a 45-7 rout of Indianapolis in the 2015 playoffs, so given the score the air of the footballs hardly had anything to do with the outcome.

Brady, with this new ruling, must now sit out of the first four games of the 2016 NFL regular season. He already is looking at appealing and there are reports it could go all the way to the Supreme Court.

Doesn’t the Supreme Court, which is still sitting at eight members and could have a 4-4 deadlock, have better things to do with its time than to determine the amount of air in footballs?

Knock it down to the four preseason games or maybe two regular-season games. But four is going overboard.

This looks more like an NFL vendetta against the Patriots, who have played fast and loose with the rules on more than one occasion. I agree there should be a strong penalty, but make it a fine (that could be donated to a charity) or take away half of their draft picks.

Whatever the punishment, let’s close the case and get on with it. If Brady does have to serve four games, he’ll miss Arizona, Miami, Houston and Buffalo. Even with backup Jimmy Garoppolo at the controls, I think the Pats could go no worse than 3-1.

All I know that as a fan, I’m sick of hearing about it. I’m sure everyone else is, too.

• MANZIEL MESSED UP — NFL underachiever Johnny Manziel was indicted today on allegations he attacked his ex-girlfriend in January.

“Johnny Football” has finally reached rock bottom.

Even if the case winds up being settled out of court, no NFL team in their right mind will now touch Manziel. Not that he’s set the world on fire so far, but Manziel needs to get his life straightened out before he ever steps on the field again. Football should not even be on his radar.

He was cut by Cleveland after the season and has been tabloid fodder constantly with his drinking and other incidents.

My message to "Johnny Football" — get yourself cleaned up and quit believing all your undeserved hype. 

• ROYALS STILL SLUMPING AT THE PLATE — How are the Kansas City Royals 12-7 so far?

We are 19 games into the season and with Monday’s 6-1 loss to Los Angeles, the Royals have now scored three or less runs in eight of their games.

Great pitching can only take a team so far. At some point the bats have to come alive.

Chief culprits so far are Lorenzo Cain and Alex Gordon. Lo Cain is now at the Mendoza Line and has only two extra-base hits all season. He’s vulnerable against the low-and-away pitch off the plate as he can't seen to lay off of it.

Gordon, who always struggles in April, is at .234 and on pace for 170 strikeouts. He only has five RBIs.

KC has scored 71 runs in its 19 games, less than three a game. Take away the six homers by Mike Moustakas and four by Salvy Perez and it’s a team void of power.

Of course, the bats will warm up with the weather. But the Royals are putting a lot of pressure on their starting pitching. They go out and probably feel like they can’t give up more than a run or two or they’ll lose.